Boutique place

Lalilu is a place full of warmth, joy, music and creative energy. A place where children feel happy and safe. They make first friendships, get to know themselves and develop independence. We are distinguished by a homely atmosphere, attention to detail, interior aesthetics and an individual approach focused on the feelings and needs of children. Each group is under the care of three permanently assigned and trained educators.

Passion for music

Children up to 3 years of age have a unique sensitivity to the development of their musical talent and it is worth taking advantage of it! At Lalilu you can hear the singing and sound of instruments all the time. The stimulating environment allows children to fully experience the music. The children in Lalilu begin to sing before they learn to speak.


In the nursery, children have contact with the English language throughout the day. Each group has a permanent English-speaking educator who plays, sings and speaks only English to the children. Especially in early childhood children are particularly attuned to learning the language making it effortless to embark on the path of bilingualism.

Close relations

We love to cuddle! In contact with the children, we rely on the idea of parenting closeness and self-expressed communication. We treat the feelings and needs of each child with care and respect. The close relationships that we build with children from the first day in the nursery make them feel loved and comforted. We also work closely with parents, supporting them in their new exciting role.

Own eco kitchen

At Lalilu we cook on the spot, deliciously and ecologically. We use only the highest quality sourced products from reliable local suppliers. Childhood eating habits have a significant impact on how we eat as adults, so at Lalilu we encourage children to try new flavours. We have had a huge success in this field and actually children in nursery tend to eat the most, many at times requesting refills!

Movement and walks

At Lalilu we love movement and contact with nature! We go outside every day all year round. We have our own playground specially adapted for nursery children. In addition, thanks to comfortable 6-seater prams, we use the surrounding parks where children can learn about nature during walks.


Young children get to know the world with all their senses. During play that engages different senses, such as sight, sound and touch, young children make important neural connections at a sensitive period of their lives. At Lalilu we are involved in kneading, sticking, tearing, painting and pouring. We create sensory paths and bring nature elements into the classrooms for the children to play with.

Family relationships

At Lalilu, not only children have fun but also their parents. We like to celebrate together and feel that we are nurturing our school in sync.

Our values

Respect, tolerance, cooperation and social sensitivity are our most important values. We show children how to live in harmony - both with themselves and with the world.

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Prokuratorska 4

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