The Place

Lalilu is filled with love and warmth. It is a place where people know one another and have a sense of community bound by friendliness and understanding. The relations between children, teachers and parents are based on mutual respect, support and trust.

We created Lalilu for our own children. Our passion got us here. We are 100% involved at all times. This is why as owners, we are present at Lalilu and we actively participate in daily life of the preschool and daycare. This is how we did it in the very beginning of our work and this is how we do it today, regardless of the fact it has been over 10 years already.

Dorota, the author of the Lalilu daycare and preschool concept, is an artistic soul who follows all her passions right here at Lalilu – her love for children, for music, foreign languages and design. Dorota graduated from several faculties, she majored in both music and pedagogics and she is not afraid to combine modern with traditional methods. Fascinated by alternative education, she is persistent in her teaching and artistic efforts, constantly introducing new ideas to Lalilu.

A healthy lifestyle and ecology enthusiast, Szymon loves good food and different disciplines of sport. He tries to implement these values to the everyday life of Lalilu. Moreover, he uses his practical sense and makes sure that Lalilu is a safe place that is both comfortable and friendly to children, teachers and parents.

However, what makes us truly unique is the team. Lalilu is all about an unconventional approach to education and because of that it attracts some outstanding teachers – who are creative, inquisitive, and open to new working methods. Currently there are seven native speakers from the UK and the United States in our team, who have extensive and diverse experience in international teaching styles. Teaching qualifications and fluent English are just a base topped by everyone’s unique personality, passion and talent. There are musicians, choir singers, Montessori specialists, culture experts, athletes, linguists and artists among us.

We work on the basis of our own curriculum, which we continuously develop and improve.

At Lalilu we mainly focus on developing creative thinking, creative attitude and social competences. Mathematical or linguistic skills are developed by combining different methods, mainly by involving child’s senses and by working with original, in-house developed learning materials.

Our graduates are bilingual and can easily continue their education in both Polish (including music) and English schools.

At Lalilu we pay a lot of attention to aesthetics. We are located in an intimate, pre-war villa, full of magical and non-obvious objects. We believe that aesthetic sensitivity (just like taste) should be developed from a very early age.

We are famous for our own healthy, excellent food prepared on site – our chef knows how to tackle our children’s taste buds and how to meet the expectations of their parents at the same time.

Lalilu is a place where children have the time to enjoy their childhood, at the same time expanding their natural creative skills. Home-like interiors and family atmosphere make the children feel happy and safe here. We are a family-oriented, boutique place that stands in contrast to large-scale educational facilities.