The Method

At Lalilu we have a balanced method of combining spontaneous fun focused on developing creativity and social competences with a natural way of acquiring school readiness. Our graduates successfully continue education both in Polish (including music) and English language schools.

Full immersion in the English language that the children experience every day at Lalilu provided by our international staff is what makes us stand out. Teachers communicate with children only in English. Each group has a minimum of two teachers assigned to a specific group on permanent basis: a native speaker (from the UK or the US) and a Polish teacher who fluently communicates with children in English.

We work on the basis of our proprietary curriculum, integrating different approaches to working with children with the use of a broad spectrum of teaching aids, both modern ones, effectiveness of which we have verified, as well as Montessori resources. At Lalilu we adjust the method to the child, and not the other way around. This is why, next to other tools, we treat the Montessori materials as supplementary to our programme. Children work with Montessori materials from the area of sensory development, mathematics, language, culture and practical life. Except of learning specific skills, the child is expanding independent thinking, inner locus of control, extends the process of concentration.

Learning how to read is a natural and not a forced process at Lalilu – children here are surrounded by a world of sounds, letters, books, tales and are very keen to learn. The preschool stage is a time of particular sensitivity to learning a language, but also reading, this is why children absorb both English and Polish.

Every day children at Lalilu develop their creative attitude and a sense of perpetration through different interdisciplinary projects, training of creativity, sensory and art classes, culinary workshops, theatre plays and excursions. We invite inspiring guests to visit us at Lalilu and we get the children involved in charities.

The art that we create is not a finished product to take home, since we are more interested in the creative process and not in the outcome. Each class is focused on experiencing and on the internal process.

We make sure that children have time for spontaneous and unguided play. This is when they can expand their imagination and social competences the most. They experience diversity of life, they make choices, influence the reality. We have plenty of diverse and grouped objects available at the preschool, the purpose of which is not predefined, to stimulate children to come up with new ideas. Contrary to traditional toys, they give endless possibilities to play. This stimulates curiosity, triggers imagination and creative thinking.

Music is one of the pillars of Lalilu. We spread our love for music among children every day. We try to provide children with a stimulating musical environment. We want to continuously and consciously develop their musical skills, instead of only preparing them to take part in plays or concerts.

Let us not forget about sports, since early development of physical skills is a lifetime gift. Each day we practice our flexibility, strength, balance and coordination and hence the awareness of our body and self-confidence during sport classes. Every day, regardless of the weather, we go outside – either to the playground or to the nearby Pole Mokotowskie park.

At Lalilu, we stand by the children with empathy as they discover the world. We establish close relations with children based on understanding, trust and mutual respect. Our communication involves the principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.