The Team

People are the greatest value of Lalilu. It took years to form our team. Now it is made up of mature people with true passion and broad horizons, full of curiosity and love for children. We are united by openness to unconventional approach to education, the need for continuous development and discovering new methods of working with children.

Lalilu is proud of its very international team – we have native speakers from the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as assistants from other countries of the world. We cooperate closely and continue to inspire each other. We train in the area of psychology and teaching techniques, so that we can accompany children in discovering the world in a truly inspiring manner.

Our female (and male!) teachers are warm, emphatic, caring, and responsible. They have a high level of integrity and impeccable manners. And they’re all creative and musical too! Our staff knows how to find their inner child. They are filled with fantasy, spontaneity and talents, which they share with children on daily basis.

Our team is more than just teachers. The kitchen staff are our treasure, beloved by both children and their parents. Wonderful people who work tirelessly to turn healthy ingredients into delicious meals.

We have been cooperating for years with a psychologist and speech therapist, who support proper child development. We also have music teachers who specialise in different instruments, sports trainers, artists and other specialists – all the best at their jobs.