Healthy in-house kitchen

Eating habits acquired in childhood have a considerable impact on how we eat as adults, that is why we promote healthy nutrition at Lalilu. We have our own kitchen – where our chef is in constant contact with children, teachers and parents – and thanks to this he prepares menus that correspond with our needs. Everything is cooked at Lalilu from scratch, using the best fresh seasonal ingredients.

We not only pay attention to the quality of products but also to how the meals are prepared. We avoid frying, coating in breadcrumbs, we limit farinaceous foods, meat and introduce more vegetables, whereas the use of sugar and salt is down to a bare minimum. We make sure that the diet of our children is free of highly processed foods, especially sweets. We prepare all desserts and baked goods on our own – we are not satisfied with ready-made meals and intermediate goods.

Despite the fact that we are not a vegetarian preschool, our kitchen is dominated by plant-based products. Nonetheless we offer a 100% vegetable-based diet to children from vegetarian families.

The kitchen staff at Lalilu is a true volcano of culinary ideas and never stops in a quest for exciting new flavours. The menu continuously surprises with new dishes, which expand the culinary horizons of the children. These are not typical kid’s flavours, yet the meals are prepared in such a delicious and interesting way that they are attractive for children.

At Lalilu children regularly take part in culinary workshops – they bake bread, make soups and mix shakes. Children participate in the entire process of creating a dish – from washing the ingredients, cutting them, to “taking a peak” on how things are in the oven. This is how they get to learn what makes fresh, healthy food and how to create real dishes by using simple recipes and great ingredients.