Family relations

From the very beginning we wanted not only the children but also their parents to feel good at Lalilu. We get to know each other more closely during family picnics, artistic and psychological workshops. Parents have plenty of ideas and contribute a lot to Lalilu’s daily life. They get involved in social campaigns and special events. They sing, create and perform for and with the children. They invite us to unique places, show the children their favourite things to do. This is why friendships from Lalilu (those between the children and the parents) strengthen and last for years.

Close contact of the parents with the preschool makes it easier for the children to adapt and they get to feel a part of Lalilu in no time.

Family atmosphere at Lailu has another dimension – this is a family undertaking – a place where every day parents can meet the owners, who are present at all times and involved in the life of the preschool.